Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

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drama cd!
hot russian scientist!
hezul wrote in schwarzwelt
There's a Japanese site up for a Strange Journey drama CD.

Cast, as translated by some dude on GameFAQs:

Tadano Hitonari (Protagonist): Rikiya Koyama
Jimenez: Hiroki Touchi
Zelenin: Yuuko Kaida
Arthur: Hideyuki Tanaka
Bugaboo: Daisuke Sakaguchi
Gore: Tessho Genda

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Hooooray! I'm stoked.

How much you wanna bet a bunch o' fans don't get the joke and we have a spree of fantards insisting that "Hitonari" is the protagonist's real name?

Most anglophones don't speak Japanese.

True, but that's not exactly what I was getting at ;3

...C-can someone explain the joke to me? >_>;;; /feels like a dumbass 8D;

"Tada no hito nari" means "like/as a normal person". It's naming the protagonist "Average Joe".

My dig was more to the effect that fandom has an awful habit of insisting that the Drama CD names for the protagonists are the "canon" ones despite evidence to the opposite, and here that would be hilariously ironic.

Ooooh, I get it now... that's actually pretty funny, I gotta admit. XD;

Thanks for that, my Japanese language learnin' stopped after first year university, so I lack much in the way of understanding puns @@;

Hahahah I know right? I would not put it past Atlus to have done that intentionally, having foreseen the hilarity of NA fans referring to him as Average Joe.

I've been studying it for ten years, myself >_>

I don't think I could call him Hitonari in a fanfic and manage to keep a straight face while I was writing it.

...Now I almost want to do it. Ironically.

Without using any lines of dialogue, because as we all know "silent protagonist" means the character never speaks.

While we're at it, anyone know what this thing is? Wanna know if I should wait for it, or order the order stuff now.

And if anyone picked up the demon profiles book? Curious what the inside looks like.

According to the writeup on Amazon, the first one's going to be commentary by Kazuma Kaneko (Producer/Character Designer), Eiji Ishida (Director), Shogo Isogai (Scenario Writer), and the rest of the design team on the making/world of Strange Journey. Apparently it's a must have for us megaten fans ;3

Haha, somehow I grinned like an idiot at Tadano Hitonari. Should've come up with something this cool when I started the game. XD

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